2021 Special Edition

Update, 4/19/21:  The JOCI Special Edition, Transcendent Wisdom and Transformative Action: Reflections from Black Contemplatives, has received dozens of compelling abstracts (the proposal period closed March 30). Manuscripts are now under review with a projected Special Edition publication date of December 2021.


Transcendent Wisdom and Transformative Action: Reflections from Black Contemplatives

The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry invites you to contribute to a special edition focusing on the insights and wisdom of Black contemplative practitioners, researchers, scholars, educators and artists.

This special edition welcomes articles from Black contributors from every cultural, spiritual, religious, and philosophical tradition. Authors are invited to describe how engagement with contemplative practice supports the manifestation of an elevated life-force and expansive, creative living. Authors are encouraged to describe how contemplative practice supports growth, development and/or transformation amongst Black people.

Brief concise articles ranging in length from 2000 to 4000 words that succinctly describe the value of a contemplative approach or practice are welcomed.  Contemplative research articles are also invited, with research broadly defined as interoceptive, personal, or communal study and the results yielded therefrom in addition to formal qualitative and quantitative discussions of research with and by Black contemplatives.

This edition will feature universally relevant wisdom from Black leaders in every field of endeavor. It will highlight the diverse, numinous sources of Black excellence and thriving and the relevance of Black sagacity to all beings.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts related but not limited to the following topics:

  • Contemplative Practice and Black Joy
  • Contemplative Practice and Black Excellence
  • Contemplative Practice and Black Love
  • Contemplative Practice and Black Parenting
  • Contemplative Practice and Black Engagement with Law Enforcement/ Police Brutality, Criminal Injustice Systems
  • Black Contemplative Approaches to Addressing the Climate Crisis
  • Black Contemplative Approaches to Addressing Environmental Racism
  • Dance and Movement as Empowering Black Contemplative Practice
  • African Traditional Contemplative Practices
  • Contemplative Practices as a Resource for Resilience
  • Black Engagement with Art as Contemplative Practice
  • Black Engagement with Music as Contemplative Practice
  • Black Engagement with the Natural Elements as Contemplative Practice

Abstracts should be 750 words or less and emailed to Dr. Kamilah Majied at Kamilah@contemplativemind.org by March 30, 2021. All submissions should be single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font and should be submitted via email as an attachment in a Word document.

Contributors will be notified by April 30th of the invitation to submit a full manuscript.