Transition in the Era of a Pandemic: An Exercise in Mindfulness


  • Ana Fonseca Conboy College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University


Mindfulness, Pandemic, Online learning, Remote teaching, Pedagogy


COVID-19 took over the world in March 2020 and overturned our practices, customs, and perspectives. It reminded us that how we relate to one another defines how we choose to build our community and our society. In our forced isolation and confinement, it became evident that we must remember to let go, slow down, and rely on each other to positively influence our future. In times of drastic change, exercising kindness to yourself and to those around you can help wade through challenges and make the best of them, one day at a time, one step at a time. This reflection explores how the transition to remote learning was lived by an instructor and her students of French at a liberal arts institution in the Midwest. It illustrates that as we live through life's challenges, we find opportunities for personal and communal growth.  

Author Biography

Ana Fonseca Conboy, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University

Ana Fonseca Conboy is Associate Professor of French Language and Literature at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University (MN). Ana also serves as faculty adviser to the French Cultural Events Assistants and French Club of CSB/SJU, and is part of the scientific committee for the Education and New Developments (END) annual conference. Research interests include 17th century French literature, hagiographic theater and metatheater; contemplative pedagogy and mindfulness; French language pedagogy, second language acquisition, and phonetics. 


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