Rhythms and Archetypes of Contemplation: An Afro-Boricua Experience


  • Anthony Cruz Pantojas Tufts University


Afro-Boricua, archetypes, decolonization, Barril de Bomba, Bomba, Flamboyán


A critical appropriation of the prophetic imagination can orient us to emergent strategies for a more interdependent commons. Given the precarious times of the Anthropocene in which we are living, a contemplative hermeneutic that responds to enduring oppressive relational practices is necessary. This reflective treatise expounds on three archetypes that underpin the exploration of an Afro-Caribbean experience that is also a contemplative practice: the Barril de Bomba, Bomba, and Flamboyán. I argue these archetypes as poetics can orient us to new relational possibilities.

Author Biography

Anthony Cruz Pantojas, Tufts University

Anthony Cruz Pantojas, MTS serves as Humanist Chaplain at Tufts University. Their research interests are Cultural Studies, Afro-Caribbean subjectivities, and Spirituality.


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