Infusing Black Music in Breathwork and Meditation


  • LaCriscia Fowlkes MBA, MSSM, Independent Scholar/Researcher


breathwork, music, wellness, healing, self-care, facilitation, meditation


Our breath serves as our lifeline to consciousness and unconsciousness. In many circles, practices such as meditation, yoga, breathwork, and sound healing were seen as a “White” thing. The challenges of 2020 helped increasing numbers of Black people realize that what had been appropriated as a “White” thing was our thing. During the pandemics of Covid-19 and anti-Black violence, I created healing spaces and breathwork sessions designed for BIPOC communities. This paper is a reflection on my experiences, with advice for holistic practitioners seeking to offer connection and resonance with Black and Brown audiences, particularly through sharing music during healing sessions.

Author Biography

LaCriscia Fowlkes, MBA, MSSM, Independent Scholar/Researcher

LaCriscia M. Fowlkes, MBA, MSSM, Rooted In Love and Truth, is a trauma-informed holistic arts practitioner dedicated to healing the epigenetic codes in BIPOC communities through breathwork, and sound baths, mindfulness, and holistic medicine.


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