Vol 3, No 1 (2016)

This special edition of the Journal of Contemplative Inquiry is based on a conference organized at Amherst College entitled, “Across the Disciplines: Contemplative Pedagogy in Higher Education.” The papers represent the work of scholars and teachers from diverse subjects—chemistry, law, music religion, economics, education, information science, and environmental policy—and explain and demonstrate the use of contemplative approaches in their diverse courses.

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Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Daniel Barbezat


Legal Education as Contemplative Inquiry: An Integrative Approach to Legal Education, Law Practice, and the Substance of the Law We Make PDF
Rhonda Magee
Practically Impractical: Contemplative Practices in Science PDF
Michelle M. Francl
Mindful Tech: Developing a More Contemplative and Reflective Relationship With Our Digital Devices and Apps PDF
David Levy
Contemplative Practices and Teaching Scitovsky’s The Joyless Economy PDF
Daniel Barbezat
Contemplative Environmental Studies: Pedagogy for Self and Planet PDF
Paul Wapner
Meditation, Improvisation, and Paradigmatic Change: Integrity of Practice as Key to Individual and Collective Transformation PDF
Ed Sarath
Words and Sense: Contemplative Pedagogies in Academic Writing PDF
Judith Simmer-Brown
Classroom as Dojo: Contemplative Teaching and Learning as Martial Art PDF
Heesoon Bai, Sean Park, Avraham Cohen